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since 03/05/2006
Welcome to a special basketball website!
Why do the best basketball players in the world have such a perfect ball handling and body control despite their enormous height?
How can I practice perception, anticipation, decision-taking, ball control or kinaesthesia with my team?
How can I improve my players’ technical-tactical actions so that they are able to react fast and correctly in unfamiliar situations?


The answer to these and similar questions is a systematic training of coordination!


As a supplement to the technical-tactical training and game practice it is aiming at:

imparting of basic coordinative competences (at juniors level),
creation of a so-called coordinative ‘over-potential’ as well as the variable availability of technical-tactical actions in difficult game situations (with young athletes),
development of the creative basketball-specific game competence (in the transition from youth to senior athletes).


On this website you will find a well-tried concept for a selective basketball-specific training of coordination along with corresponding didactical-methodical comments. A systematic catalogue with partly animated exercises and games will provide you versatile suggestions for the adoption into your own training practice.


This website is designed as an interactive project and depends on the contributions of our users (own examples of exercises, texts, comments in the discussion forum, etc). Thus it is a work in progress with constant changes and upgrading.

Using the website is free of charge (terms and conditions apply).


We appreciate all comments and qualified discussions (under your own name) on the topic of training of coordination as well as reflections of the experiences with the offered exercises or maybe even your own examples.


Dr. Lothar Nieber & Sebastian Hegewald

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Workshop in Sao Paulo
24.01.2014 eintägiger Workshop mit 30 Teilnehmern zum Thema "Zur Bedeutung einer systematischen Koordinationsschulung im Sportunterricht" (Vortrag, Diskussion und Praxis) am "Colégio Visconde de Po...

Unser Verein wiederholt eine der legendären Spowi-Feiern in Greifswald vom 27.-29.6.2014. Erwartet werden ehemalige Sportstudenten/innen aus den vergangenen 50 Jahren. Am 28.6.14 wird darüber hinau...

Fortbildungen 2014
Weiterhin wird Koordinationsschule e.V. Fortbildungen für den LSB MV, der Sportjugend, für die Unfallkassen in MV, Berlin und Brandenburg, den Leichathletikverband Hamburg, den Volleyballverband MV...

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